Abbreviations Used for Criminal History Reports
AGGRAV Aggravated
ASLT Assault
ATT Attempt
CHARGE PENDING-INSANITY Charge pending due to insanity
COC Contempt of Court
COMM SVC Community service
CONSP Conspiracy
CONT SUBST Controlled Substance
CONV OTH OFR Facilitate conviction of another offender
CRIM Criminal
CW OR CONC WEAP Concealed weapon
DEF Deferred Sentence
DEF BY PROSECUTION Deferred prosecution
DEFD AND DISSMD Deferred and dismissed
DIS BY PROSECUTION Dismissed by prosecution
DISPO Disposition (outcome of case)
DIV PGM Diversion program
DMG PROP Damage Property
DV Domestic Violence
DYS Days
EVID PBLMS Evidence problems
F & C Fines and Costs
FOJ Fugitive of justice
FTPF & C Fail to pay fine and costs
GUILTY OF LSSR CHRGE AT TRIAL Guilty of lesser charge
JURIS PBLMS Jurisdictional problems
LCKS MERIT Lacks prosecutive merit
MANUF Manufacture
MARIJ Marijuana
MISD Misdemeanor
MOS Months
NOT GUILTY Not guilty at trial
OTH DIVRSN Other type diversion
PL ANTH CASE In exchange for plea in another case
PLEA TO OTHR CHGE Plead to other charge
PLEA SME CSE In exchange for plea in same case
PLEA TO RLTD CHGE Plead to related charge
PROB Probation
PROP Property
REJ Rejected
REJ BY PROSECUTION Rejected by prosecution
RES or REST Restitution
SENT Sentence
SUSP Suspended
TEST PBLMS Testimony problems
TRAF Traffic
UPS Useful public service
VIOL DUE PRC Violations of due process
WR Work release
YRS Years
Abbreviations used in the disposition fields that are not final dispositions:
HLD Held in custody by arresting agency
ROB Released on bail
ROR Released on own recognizance
TOT Turned over to another agency--this is applicable usually when the subject was a fugitive from another jurisdiction.

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