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What services does CBI provide for conducting criminal history checks? Top

Criminal history reports can be accessed immediately by using our web-based system and charging to your credit card $6.00 per result viewed. If you are requiring an official or notarized response on CBI letterhead or paying with another form of payment other than a credit card, submit a written form to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for a manual search ($13.00). We do not accept personal checks. The search can take up to 3 business days to complete, after which the results will be mailed. Forms can be printed off by clicking Here

What information does a criminal history check consist of? Top

Criminal history data is based on fingerprint submissions from law enforcement agencies within the State of Colorado. CBI is not allowed to disclose information from other state or federal databases. Sealed records are not released to the public. Warrant information and criminal arrest information regarding juveniles is not released to the public by the CBI, but some such records may be released to the public by the arresting agency, the agency that filed the case or the court.

Will the CBI criminal history check provide information on warrants? Top

No. Information is available only by contacting the issuing agency(s) and at their discretion.

What is the benefit of using the on-line service? Top

  • Cost is $6.00 per report viewed as opposed to $13.00 to process a mailed in form
  • Response is received real time as opposed to 3 business days plus mailing time
  • Detailed or summary financial reports will be accessible to account holders

What type of payment is required to do a criminal history check? Top

Mailed requests to CBI for manual processing:

  • Personal checks – not accepted.
  • Money orders – must be issued by a United States bank and made payable to CBI.
  • Business or Cashier checks – must be made out to CBI, include a signature, date issued must be within 90 days.
  • Credit Card – Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express. Credit card form can be printed off by clicking Here

Web-based requests:

  • Visa/Mastercard/American Express (AM EXP--only available to account holders)
  • Pre-pay (must set up an account, initial minimum amount of $200 must be established)

What criteria will be needed to conduct a criminal background check? Top

  • First and last name (mandatory)
  • Date of birth (mandatory)
  • Social security number is optional but, recommended if known. If provided may result in better matching accuracy if social security number is on file with CBI.

What if the information provided is inaccurate? Top

Contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Identification Unit at 303-239-4208. In some instances, you will have to contact the arresting agency. The arresting agency will provide CBI with written documentation of any corrections.

Why does my report show "disposition unknown"? Top

The CBI's records were initially intended only to reflect fingerprint-based arrests. Around 1998, most Colorado courts began providing dispositions (where known). Still, many CBI records do not show a final disposition. This is because CBI has not received official information from the court (if charges were filed), from the District Attorney (if charges were reviewed and declined), or from the arresting agency.

How do I read dispositions? Top

CBI's records contain numerous abbreviations in order to condense the data. The following is a list of common abbreviations found in the disposition field. Click Here to view abbreviations.

How do I research dispositions? Top

Contact the appropriate court and obtain a copy of the disposition. If you wish to update our record, obtain a certified copy of the disposition, forward to CBI at 690 Kipling St. Ste. 4000 Denver, CO 80215. CBI does not accept faxed dispositions. NOTE: Many Colorado courts submit electronic information to the ICON database accessible at: cocourts.com or you may contact the court where the criminal case was likely to have been heard. http://www.cocourts.com/

What if I am a Victim of Misidentification? Top

Click Here.

IDT Number? Top

A unique number issued by CBI to an individual who has been identified as a Victim of Misidentifcation. Refer to FAQ “What if I am a Victim of Misidentification” for additional information.

Can an individual run a background check without setting up an account? Top

Yes, requestor must provide credit card information to pay for the search. Click here to begin process.

How can an individual run a background check if they do not have a credit card? Top

A manual search can be done through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. To obtain a form, click Here .

What is the benefit of setting up an account? Top

  a) Account holder will be able to submit individual requests or batch files.
  b) View past or present financial statements in either a summary or detailed report.
  c) Payment options will include pre-pay account as well as credit card.

How do I set up an account? Top

Click Here and enter your billing information and password. For detailed information regarding accounts, Here .

What if I have forgotten my password? Top

Click Here and enter the e-mail address and user ID associated with the account. If you have forgotten the account log-in ID, please call 1-844-662-4146.

After I have registered, may I change my account detail and/or billing information? Top

Yes. After you log-in, you may go to the option to "update account information" to change billing information.

Are you going to sell my personal information? Top

No. As a representative for Colorado's Bureau of Investigation (CBI), we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer outside the company personally identifiable information that visitors voluntarily provide in any registration or order form.

Is there a sign-up fee? Top

No. Signing up for an account is free!

How much does a background check cost? Top

The Charge is $6.00 per search

Is it safe to use my credit card? Top

Yes. Logikco's site is secure. Credit card information is fully protected by encryption.

What forms of payment do you accept? Top

If you do not have a credit card you may, pre-pay (for accounts only) by sending a check, with the Account Login ID as the memo line , written to Logikco. The address to send the check and the account information page to is:
CBI Check
Logikco LLC.
330 Roberts Street, Suite 102
East Hartford, CT 06108

Fraudelant Charges: Carding? Top

Some users do not run reports that often and when they tend to run too many in one day, the transaction services flags their Credit Card as fraudulent. The transaction service does this to prevent certain malicious transactions. On our end this is monitored and in case it does happened, we clear the blocked transaction right away. They users can proceed as normal. Note: Usage of bots is prohibited, it can result if your account being locked.

Where can I find information about my account activity? Top

Once you log in, click on "financial" tab to view either a monthly detailed report (only available after the month's cycle is complete) or to view summary / details by day(s).

What is a batch inquiry? Top

Rather than entering each name individually, customers will have the option of creating a batch file. A batch file is a text document comprised of multiple names which can be uploaded to the website and checked in bulk.

What does "upload file instead" mean? Top

Instead of using the browser to enter names one at a time, the customer can submit a text file of requests (using the text format)

How do I find the best result possible? Top

The search on the Internet-based system is based on exact match of the search parameters entered. Name and date of birth are required parameters. Providing the social security number parameter is not required but may result in a better matching accuracy if social security number is on file with CBI. Check all name, date of birth, and social security possibilities. If you are unsure of the spelling or which name(s) to use for a particular person, try all possibilities.


  • Submit a request for both a married and maiden name
  • Submit a request for all combinations of a hyphenated name
    ex: Romero-Garcia, Garcia-Romero, Garciaromero, Romerogarcia, Garcia, Romero
  • Submit a request for a person's "given name" as well as any nicknames associated with a "given name"
    ex: Matthew (Matt), Steven (Steve or Stevie))(Stephen), Allen (Al) (Allan), Annette (Ann or Annie)

What is a multiple match? Top

A multiple match is when a search results in more than one possibility. The Search Results Page displays the possible matches to the search criteria that you have entered. If more than one record matched the search criteria, you will be presented with a choice of candidates that matched. The criminal record for one selected candidate is included in the $6.00 search fee. Should you elect to receive records on more than one candidate, you will be charged an additional $6.00 for each candidate you select. When you get to the Selection Criteria page, you may select the record(s) you would like to receive by clicking in the box next to the subject. Only subjects that are selected with a check mark will be displayed once you click the Display History button.

How do I choose to view a report from a multiple match result? Top

If you are conducting an individual check, the results for the multiple matches will be displayed on the screen with the option to select which report(s) you would like to view by checking the corresponding report's checkbox. After you view your reports, there is an option to view another multiple match report.

If you are conducting a batch check, your resulting report file will contain the list of possible multiple matches with corresponding unique numbers. To learn more about viewing a report by using a unique number, Click Here .

How do I determine which multiple match record most likely applies to my inquiry? Top

Review the possible hits individually, by evaluating all of the demographic information that is available. You should begin by looking at the complete name, date of birth, SSN and any other identifiers that may be present, such as alias name, additional dates of birth, height, weight, eye, and hair.

How do I enter a unique number? Top

After a unique number has been assigned, go to the "individual inquiry" page. Along the bottom of the page will be a button to "Enter A Unique Number". Click on this button, then enter the assigned unique number in the designated field, then press "Submit".

How much does a multiple match result cost? Top

The criminal record for one selected candidate is included in the $6.00 search fee. Should you elect to receive records on more than one candidate, you will be charged an additional $6.00 for each candidate you select. When you get to the Selection Criteria page, you may select the record(s) you would like to receive by clicking in the box next to the subject. Only subjects that are selected with a check mark will be displayed once you click the Display History button.

What is the average time to receive results Top

Individually checked names will result in instant results. Batch inquiry return time will depend on the size of the batch file. Larger files (100+ names) are expected to be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

How much is the Seal request fee? Top

The Charge is $20.00 per Order to Seal

Can an individual submit a seal request without setting up an account? Top

No. Due to the increased communication with the CBI required to process seal requests an account must be set up before submitting a request.

Are there separate accounts for criminal background checks and seal requests? Top

No, having an account grants access to both services.

What is an Order to Seal? Top

An order to seal is a signed court granted document on a petition or motion to seal criminal history information. The CBI can not accept your criminal history, dispositions or register of actions, petitions or motions to seal that are not granted and signed by the judge as documentation for Order to Seal requests.

What information is required? Top

To process your seal request, the CBI will need your name, the case number, and the court location.

What happens if I submit a request where I say the CBI has my documents, but they don’t? Top

The CBI will reject the request, and you will need to submit a new request with the order to seal.

Can I save my progress and come back to complete it at a later date? Top

Yes, you can click on the SAVE PROGRESS button to save your current progress

How to physically mail in your order to seal and payment Top

Send order and payment to:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation - Seals
690 Kipling St, Suite 4000
Denver, CO 80215

MasterCard or Visa are required to conduct a background search on this secured site. (Am Express or pre-payments for account users only).

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